Cevat Yerli is President and CEO of Crytek, and the creator of CRYENGINE and the multi-award winning Crysis game franchise.

Cevat’s first game development experiences go back to the 1980s with the Commodore 64 and the Schneider CPC 6128, where he worked on various simulation games. While studying economics in the 1990s, he continued pursuing his passion for creating and playing games and began working towards his dream of founding a game development company. In 1999 he then founded Crytek together with his two brothers, Avni and Faruk. Cevat gives creative and technical direction for all Crytek products and focuses on expanding the company into new territories. Most recently he initiated VR First, Crytek’s new grass-roots VR program, which he oversees alongside the overall VR future of Crytek.