Hou Guangming, Second Grade Professor; Doctoral Supervisor; Doctor of Management; Receiver of Special Government Allowance from the State Council; Capital Labor Medalist; Chairman of Chinese Film Industry Association; Vice Chairman of China Socioeconomic Research Association; Vice President of Society of Management Science of China; Standing Director of China Higher Education Management Association; Distinguished Visiting Professor of Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Ministry of Personnel; Visiting Professor of Japan Art Engineering University, Kobe; Communication Assessment Expert of Management Science, State National Natural Science Foundation Commission.

Mr.Hou has implemented over 30 projects from National Natural Science Foundation, Doctoral Science Fund Project of the Ministry of Education of China, etc. He is also a prolific scholar with more than 20 works and 100 academic papers, among which six have won provincial and national Progress Prize in Scientific and Collective Technology. As the creator and supervisor of a plenty of works, Mr.Hou is also the winner of China Golden Rooster Awards, One Hundred Flower Awards, Huabiao Awards and Five “One” Projects Awards.