Zhang Xun entered the Beijing film studio as the manager of publicity division section, after that she was in charge of China Film Co-production Corporation publicity division section, Zhang was the president of Yunnan Film Group. China Film Group production management department. From 2007 to May 2014, Zhang Xun worked as the general manager of China Film Co-production Company, responsible for management and support China and foreign films’co-production. Since 2014. Zhang Xun has been responsible for the publicity and distribution more than 30 films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Shanghai Noon, Flirting Scholar, the Tai-Chi Master, King of Beggars, for the executive producing of over 300 films like Yangtze River Seven, Forever Enthralled, the Founding of A Republic, Painted Skin and China and foreign co-produced film Outcast etc. Since 2007, Zhang made a contribution on holding various international forums like the Chinese & Foreign Film Cooperation Forum, the Chinese  and American Film Cooperation Forum, the Chinese and European Film Cooperation Forum, the Chinese and French Film Cooperation Forum, the Chinese and Korean Film Cooperation Forum, and meaningful cooperation meetings like Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong Film Co- Production Meeting, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan Film Co-Production Meeting etc.,which support film cooperation of China in a positive way. In 2012, Zhang Xun was invited to attend the China 2.0 Conference and made a fabulous
speech named Chinese and Foreign Film Cooperation Based on Mutual Understanding and Communication. In 2013, Zhang won the award of Outstanding Leadership Award on Chinese and American Film Co-Production and in 2014 was honored with Gilroy PangDiKe Award.